Puget Sound Regional Group 18
of the Early Ford V8 Club of America
Seattle, WA



2012 40th Annual Ford V-8 Car Show/Picnic

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 Photos courtesy of Scott Jenkins, PSRG 18

40th Annual Ford V-8 All Makes Car Show/Picnic Was Held at Bellevue College

Sunday, June 3th - 2012

It is time to mark your calendars for the PSRG Ford and all makes car show at Bellevue College on June 3, 2012.  The price is $15 per show car which includes a dash plaque and $5 per spectator car.  Automobile admission to the show car area will be via the dash plaque.  Spectators will also be able to purchase a dash plaque for $10 at the club booth.  Bring one or more of your cars to show off at the picnic, or if they are not running, come as a spectator and bring the family.

Contact Ron Lange or Dave Ellis
Co-Chairman, 40th annual PSRG Ford V-8 and All Makes Car Show/Picnic

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